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Massage therapist in the Pasadena CANeed some rest, peace and relaxation from a long trying week at work? Maybe you need massage therapy for an injury that recently healed? No matter what your case is, if you need a professional massage therapist in Pasadena CA, then you’ve come to the right place. Dream Spa Massage offers unparalleled massage services for the most affordable rates.

We’ve been serving the local community for more than seven years now. During this time, our team has been able to establish a solid, unbeaten and bright reputation for our specific market niche. Our services are backed up by hundreds of customers, as well as community members who’ve been supporting us since we started and remain loyal to our company. With economical rates, a swift response, broad availability, efficient and quality spa massage services, what more can you ask for?

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My therapy was relaxing, yet effective. Definitely recommend.

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Massage therapies not only provide rest and relaxation for your fatigued, tired body and mind. A good massage also offers a number of benefits that many individuals are unfortunately unaware of or simply neglect. Which means in order to harness all these benefits, a therapeutic massage should be carried out by a professional. By hiring Dream Spa Massage of Pasadena CA, you are getting the most professional and reliable service there is. Let our select team of certified, experienced masseuses give you the relief as well as relaxation you seek and deserve.

Whether you need localized massage therapy for a sprained ankle or back pain, a Swedish massage or acupressure all in the same-day, Dream Spa Massage offers it all and much more. Our service rates are unbelievably economical in exchange for the most satisfactory results and highest quality service. Apart from our strong reputation of providing service prices that are tailored around your budget, we are also applauded for our soothing massages. Which is why we make sure you’ll find your experience with our massage therapists the most invigorating and relaxing. Do you want the best massage in Pasadena CA ? Don’t hesitate, give us a call at (626) 795-9710.

Massage service in Pasadena CAWe understand that everybody has diverse demands which all need to be encompassed by the service niche of massage therapies. We simply cannot give just one or two service plans for all possible cases encountered. At Dream Spa Massage, we see to it that we deliver the same high level of service and customer satisfaction for the various needs of our many clients. We reinforce this goal by employing professionals with extensive knowledge, broad experience, and unique skill set. We also design and create our facility’s massage areas to make it conducive and comfortable for your massage sessions, in order to offer you the complete massage experience. Let us know exactly what you require and we’ll make sure you will get the best massage. Bare in mind that our acupressure service comes second to none!

Dream Spa Massage deliver a wide range of massage spa techniques, both modern and traditional. Whatever your physical health issue is, such as headaches, backaches, injuries to a joint or bone, we’ve got you covered. We understand you probably find it quite difficult to relax when you feel that your hard earned money is draining from your wallet every time you get a nice, beneficial and relaxing massage. At Dream Spa Massage, we make sure we keep your costs to a minimum.

Call us today at (626) 795-9710 to find out more about our services or to make an appointment for your massage therapy!

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Dream Spa Massage
Address: 2044 E Colorado Blvd # 3 Pasadena CA 91107
Phone: (626) 795-9710

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